ONEC1TY is a vibrant urban community under construction in Nashville, Tennessee that will serve as a center of technology-enabled commercial, residential, research and retail activity catering to the idea that mindful healthy living can be made easy.

Surrounded by accretive thought with access to nationally recognized teaching hospitals, medical schools, healthcare institutions and universities; and synergistic proximity to the center of Nashville’s urban core; ONEC1TY is the natural hub for celebrated advancements in the areas of health, life sciences and longevity.

ONEC1TY’s sustainable design features abundant green space and a community lawn and encourages walking, biking and enjoyment of the outdoors, music and art. Site design, infrastructure, transportation and building design have been planned and are being constructed for LEED Neighborhood Development certification.

Meet the team improving health through the built environment. 


From game-changing corporate headquarters to ground-floor customer delight, ONEC1TY makes 9-5 and 5-9 a little more inspiring. Every detail empowers mindful engagement and makes good choices the easy ones. Culinary artists, business visionaries, health experts, artisans, shopkeepers and fans of fit lifestyles make ONEC1TY active. It’s innovation, entertainment, technology, convenience, wellness and productivity in one. At the end (and the beginning) of the day, ONEC1TY is a great place to accelerate a thriving enterprise.

Healthy Dose of Technology

ONEC1TY anchors the West Side’s innovation district catalyzing the established “Eds and Meds” and evolving technology sector of Nashville. Our mindful healthy living community hosts uncommon collaborations that strive to disrupt the traditional healthcare industry, elevate consumer experience through enabling technologies and promote the simplicity of life with real food, real friends and unforgettable experiences.


ONEC1TY is a vibrant, active and walkable neighborhood with public parks, plazas, courtyards and gathering areas in addition to the green building design. It is transforming a neighborhood of underutilized warehouses into a sustainable and interactive community. The ground floor includes inventive farm-to-table dining and an exceptional pedestrian shopping experience that will unite C1TY residents, workers and visitors in shared appreciation of our local neighborhood and environment.