15 Jun

Nashville Innovation Project: Support The Growth of Tech Talent in Nashville

Friday, Jun 15


Join Nashville Innovation Project on Friday, June 15 at Sump Coffee for a discussion on the grassroots effort to grow the tech talent in Middle Tennessee. Founder, Chuck Bryant, of the Technologist Federation of Nashville (TechFed) will share with us how the TechFed is helping support community organizers and local companies interested in engaging, hiring, and giving back to their local tech community. We'll hear about the challenges and successes the organization is having as well as how you can help your community.

Nashville Innovation Project gathering seeks to: Increase the density of social connections within Nashville's diverse array innovative and creative communities. Explore and learn about innovative work happening within the region. Provide a casual and welcoming forum for discussing new ideas Connect the city's cluster of innovation infrastructure and encourage migration between them.

For more info on the Nashville Innovation Project, click here.

*This event has passed.