30 Apr


08 Oct

Mind Body Magic

Sunday, Apr 30 - Saturday, Oct 08


The Mind Body Magic Festival is an annual event in Nashville, TN that seeks to build community, highlight local artists & makers, and support a more inclusive vision for the future of wellbeing. Hosted by TRILUNA Wellness + oneC1TY!

Over the last three years we have seen many attendees from all across the South. We’ve danced, we’ve flowed, we’ve listened, and we’ve discussed what wellness means to us and to our community. This year we will bring back the festival in all its glory!

Three pillars hold up this festival: realistic wellness that is free of diet-culture, community care and activism rooted in mutual respect and grounded in love, and support for the local artists and makers that create magic every day with their creativity.

You’ll see vendors with businesses ranging from cotton candy, to meditation, to jewelry. You’ll learn more about everything from mental health to community activism. You’ll move, celebrate, grow, connect, shop, and eat!

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