Urban Land Institute Gathers at oneC1TY

Last week, researchers from across the country gathered at oneC1TY to discuss Charlotte Avenue as a part of a yearlong study conducted in association with the Urban Land Institute. With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Colorado Health Foundation, ULI is investigating best practices to reinvent under-performing suburban and urban arterials in health-promoting ways. Their work will help advance efforts to foster places that promote health for the people who live, work, and travel along Charlotte Avenue.

The National Working Group of leading experts in land use, development, planning, and healthy community design wrapped up their findings on Friday; “You have a corridor that has some just unbelievable future to it, just like the rest of Nashville,” says Mike Higbee, of Design Concepts Inc. “This corridor is changing before your eyes and it really is an issue of: Is it going to change and deliver a great outcome for Nashville, or is it just going to be another corridor?”

The panel went on to suggest that Nashville create a group of local full-time leaders to organize and lead the Charlotte Avenue revitalization into a healthy, positive direction amid all the change.


You can read more in the articles as published by Nashville Public Radio and Urban Land Institute’s Building Healthy Places Initiative here.