Microsoft Moves to oneC1TY


Cambridge Holdings, Inc. is pleased to announce the relocation of Microsoft Corporation’s regional office from Franklin, Tennessee, to oneC1TY in Nashville’s Midtown district. Design of the new 13,300-square-foot space at 8 City Blvd. is underway and construction is expected to be completed for occupancy in Summer 2016.

“It is exciting to consider the possibilities for a global leader like Microsoft, positioned within the innovative community of technology-focused companies we are gathering at oneC1TY and adjoining the city’s economic engines in the health and university district of Midtown and North Nashville,” states Ryan Doyle, oneC1TY General Manager.

David Hanna, Microsoft sales director, said the company will use the new location “to blend team-focused employee workspace with a customer-facing technology center to create spaces for real-life demonstration of products and services, while seamlessly integrating mobile technology into the workplace to allow employees and customers to work any place, anytime.”

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