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oneC1TY is a vibrant urban community under construction in Nashville,  Tennessee that will serve as a center of commercial, residential, research and  retail activity catering to the healthcare,   life sciences and technology sectors of   the global economy.

Surrounded by accretive thought with access to nationally recognized teaching hospitals, medical schools and    healthcare institutions, and synergistic proximity to the center of Nashville’s urban core; oneC1TY is the natural hub for celebrated advancements in the areas of health and longevity.

oneC1TY’s sustainable design features abundant green space and a community lawn and encourages walking, biking and enjoyment of the outdoors, music and art.

The retail plan includes inventive farm-to-table dining and an exceptional pedestrian shopping experience that will unite C1TY residents, workers and visitors in shared appreciation of a healthy and mindful way of life, made easy.
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“This project will directly improve the physical landscape, but the work that oneC1TY is doing on healthy living initiatives can have, and I believe will have, an even greater impact on this community.

“I often say Nashville’s best days are still ahead of us…as we think forward to the hundreds of bright minds who will work and live here and the five acres of new green space, it’s easy to see why.”
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oneC1TY Construction Cam

  • oneC1TY Groundbreaking

  • Expo Collaborators To Feed The Planet

    In 2012, Global Action Platform conducted the first global summit to frame issues for the agenda of ExpoMilano2015.
    Opening with an assessment of food issues from the World Bank, the inaugural program examined food production, climate, logistics, nutrition/diet, the culture of food, and ended with a keynote from Thomas Friedman of the New York Times.
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  • New site plan released for oneC1TY

    Cambridge Holdings Inc. has released a new site plan image for its under-construction oneC1TY.

    Ryan Doyle, oneC1TY’s general manager, said the building footprint with the updated image looks larger than the footprint of the previous rendering due to the inclusion of an underground parking deck. The above-grade footprint is about the same, he added.
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